Due to the heat and customer feedback, we will not be doing Fall Crops per the early August distribution. Fear not, we’ll be going big on late fall and Winter crops (transplanted in early September). Click here to purchase a membership for the Winter of 2015! The projected delivery is September 9-11th, but it could be the week earlier depending on how things mature.The deadline to specify WINTER crops is Midnight on Monday August 10th.  After that, we will get you the best mixed flat of what is available when packing flats in September.


*Click Here* to sign up for a single season, or full season of veggie starts.

Important:  We send email communications to our members to remind them of pick-up dates and preference deadlines. Please check your spam folder if you are a member and are not receiving these emails.

The Community Supported Plant Starts (CSPS) program, based on the Community Supported Agriculture concept, is designed to support  residents of Cascadia with flats of regionally- and seasonally-appropriate plant starts and seed packets. In addition to plants, members receive our monthly email newsletter, Garden Gnome News to help take the guesswork out of gardening and make their efforts easier and more successful, and discounts on monthly classes.

How It Works:

1. Purchase a membership, either for the entire program (4 seasonal deliveries), or for one season at a time. Membership levels available: small (10 total plant start packs/seed packets), medium (15) or large (20).

 NEW – We now have an option for EDIBLE NEIGHBORHOOD CHAMPION, that is equal to 10 small shares with a 30% discount. The ideas is for you and your neighbors to go big, and save $ for working together!
2. Specify your plant start and seed packet preferences one month in advance of the delivery date.- NEW database allots backups in the same family &type of your preference.  So if you want one variety of lettuce, and we are out, you will get another variety of lettuce.
Members who do not specify one month in advance receive a great seasonal mix of plant starts and seed packets selected by the greenhouse manager.
3. Pick up your plants! On a pre-specified distribution date, we deliver your flat/s to the program host in your neighborhood. All you have to do is pick them up!
To purchase a CSPS membership and specify preferences for this session, order online orDownload/print/send a paper order form.  There is a $3 administrative paperwork fee for handling paper order forms, so save money by ordering online.
We are excited to be sourcing seeds from some great companies.  Johnnysseeds.com,  http://www.adaptiveseeds.com/http://www.rareseeds.com/ (best print seed catalog ever!), and http://www.seedsavers.org/, This year we also will be sourcing some seed from Root and Radicle –www.rootandradicle.comWe also use seed saved from our members, so if you have some you want to share them with the greater Puget Sound gardeners, please send them to our address with a note on variety, type, whether or not they were germination tested yet, any stories that apply, and anything else you want us to know.  Please include an email and phone #so we can contact you with some questions, and so we can provide you a thank you a credit in our CSPS program!!Important:  We send email communications to our members to remind them of pick-up dates and preference deadlines. Please check your spam folder if you are a member and are not receiving these emails.

Expected Delivery of Each Season in 2015. 

Spring Crops- March 27th 2015
 Summer Crops – May 22nd 2015
Fall Crops -August 7th 2015  
Winter Crops- September 18th 2015

Membership Options:  Size Options For Full-Year and Single-Season Memberships:

Small (1 flat PER SEASON): 10 packs of plant starts and/or seed packets.
Medium (1.5 flats SEASON ): 15 packs of plant starts and/or seed packets.
Large (2 flats): 20 packs of plant starts and/or seed packets.

Edible Neighborhood Captain: 10 Flats of Veggie starts PER SEASON.  Special Discount Price.     $300/season/  $1200 per year.

* Starts come in various sized containers: 4 pack, 6 pack, 2 – 4″ pots, and 1 gallon, depending on crop type.

Full Season All full-year members pay less overall for their starts as compared to buying each season individually.  They also receive a gift certificate redeemable at our booth at any of the farmer’s markets in which we participate.

Small: $150
Medium: $220
Large: $275


Single-Season Memberships: (save $3 per session for ordering online)

Spring 2015 :

$38, “small” = 10 plant start packs/seed packets = 1 flat

$55, “medium” = 15 plant start packs/seed packets = a flat and a half

$63, “large” = 20 plant start packs/seed packets = 2 flats

Summer 2015:

$48, “small” = 15 plant start packs/seed packets (10 you select + 5 we add from best of)=  1 flat.   About 33-50 s.f needed, depending on your crop selection and strategy

$70 “medium” = 22plant start packs/seed packets (15 from your preferences + 7 we add from best of)= 1.5 flats

$90 “large” = 30 plant start packs/seed packets (20 from your list of prefences + 1- we add from our best of= 2 flats

Fall 2015:

$38, “small” = 10 plant start packs/seed packets = 1 flat

$55, “medium” = 15 plant start packs/seed packets = 1.5 flats

$63, “large” = 20 plant start packs/seed packets = 2 flats

Winter 2015 :

$38, “small” = 10 plant start packs/seed packets = 1 flat.

$58, “medium” = 15 plant start packs/seed packets =1.5 flats

$63, “large” = 20 plant start packs/seed packets = 2 flats


What do I get for my CSPS membership?

Which crops you receive depends on the preferences you specify one month ahead of the delivery date, and available yield at time of delivery. Each plant start (“PS”) you specify under “My Crops” represents one specimen or multi-pack of specimens. Each “Seed” you specify represents a packet of seeds. Some crops are only available as a seed packet because they do not transplant well (e.g. beets and carrots).

As is always the case with the community-supported agriculture paradigm, the consumer (you, the gardener, in this case) helps the farmer/provider (CEL, in this case) bear the uncertainties of weather and crop yields. This means you specify crop preferences, and we do our best to deliver what you prefer. Members who do not specify preferences one month prior to delivery date will receive a mixed flat of seasonal crops chosen based on availability.

Please Note:
The earlier you specify your crop preferences, the higher seniority you’ll have, and the more likely you’ll get exactly what you wanted, so order your membership and specify your preferences early! Please specify more than your target yield, with most favored crops first, so that there are some back-ups in your preference list.


Space Required:

1 Small, Full-Year membership will fill up about 100-150 square feet of garden, at its peak, though that will shrink as spring/summer crops are harvested.  You will be able cover more area by selecting to receive a lot of plants with large spacial requirements (squash, tomatoes, etc) and/or seeds

1 Large, Full-Year membership will thus fill up about 200-300 square feet of garden, depending on your selection and growers strategy.

When & Where Do I Pick Up My Plant Starts?

We have pick-up locations throughout the Seattle/Eastside area.  Since the pick-up locations are often the homes of member volunteers, we do not publish their exact addresses on our web pages. We currently deliver to the following neighborhoods: Bellevue, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Wallingford, Wedgwood, Ballard, Columbia City, Queen Anne, Central District, Northgate, West Seattle, Shoreline, North Beacon Hill, South Beacon Hill, and . List of Pick up Sites.  (Password protected) http://eatyouryard.com/csps-program-pick-up-sites/ 

When you purchase a membership you will be able to choose the neighborhood location that is most convenient for you.

Watch for an email about 1 week before the distribution date with the exact pick-up address in the neighborhood you selected.   Be sure to mark the distribution date on your calendar and expect to pick up your plant starts after 5:00 pm on that date. If you would like to be a pick up site, please contact us at csps@eatyouryard.com


We will honor all refunds made before the current session’s planting date (minus 10% admin cost). If you request a refund after the current session’s planting date  we will give you credit towards the next CSPS session.

 If you have any questions please contact our Community Supported Plant Starts Coordinator at info@eatyouryard.com