“Land, then, is not merely soil; it is a fountain of energy flowing through a circuit of soils, plants and animals.” -Aldo Leopold

Your garden is a living organism. As organic (little ‘O’) gardeners we feed the soil and tend the dynamic life throughout the garden. Maintenance is essential to a thriving garden.  Our goal is to design lower maintenance gardens to suit clients’ needs. Whether you require an annual clean up or bi-weekly support, we have experienced horticulturalists on our maintenance team for both edible and ornamental landscape maintenance. We offer one off clean ups or quarterly, monthly and bi-weekly maintenance contracts. 

Protect your garden to rest and restore the soil

The blowing winds, and leaves they transport, can reek havoc on a yard clean up. If your beds don’t have enough cover, the rains will soon leach nutrients from the soil. These two things can actually be a solution. A six to twelve inch leave mulch on top of bare soil can make all the difference between healthy and depleted soil come spring.  Further, leaf mulch can protect smaller plants and larger plants alike. Using what nature gives us to beautify your space is one of the many permaculture methods we employ.  Our maintenance team is trained to turn common garden “problems” into solutions, saving time and money for our clients. Please fill out the form below to have us out to make this winter’s rest the most productive for your garden.

New Client interested in fall clean up contact us here.

Existing clients interested in fall clean up contact us here.

Maintenance Contract

People on regular maintenance contracts get benefits such as:

  • Free plant materials,
  • 10% off standard maintenance rates and
  • Complementary phone consultations

New clients interested in a maintenance contract contact us here.

Existing clients interested in a maintenance contract contact us here