Vegetable Gardens are fun and bountiful. There are different ways to do them.

In Ground:  Cheapest material cost.  Needs: hand powered and possibly some light machinery will get you a long way.  Compost, and seeds..  Drawbacks: ease of access as

Raised Beds

Lumber-  Cedar (lasts longer, usually $2/linear foot for 2×6″, but you need at least 2 layers.

-Manufactured Concrete products

Beds made from concrete pavers

-Recycled Concrete- aka “urbanite” the most plentiful material.   Free to cheap to find, but a little extra labor.  We can mortar in nice pieces of tile, flagstone, etc for some added flair.

-Natural Stone- this can be irregular stone or regular cut

Faswall (85% recycled wood chip, 15% concrete), Lasts 20 years.  Easy to install. Costs $300 per 4×8′ Bed

GreenBed raised bed garden kit features

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