Ballard Edible Rain Garden with Trellis

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To reduce storm water run off Seattle Public Utilities created the Rainwise program, which offers rebates to home owners in certain neighborhoods to create rain gardens & cisterns.  We can make them edible rain gardens!

Homeowners get $3.50 per square foot of roof area served by a Rain Garden system and $2-3/ sq. foot for Cisterns (only).

To qualify, you must be redirecting 400 square feet or more of roof space, you must be within the qualifying neighborhoods, and you must have the new features installed by a certified contractor (Cascadia Edible Landscapes is one of them).

Projects typically cover 50-100% of the costs.  Homeowners need to pay for costs and receive reimbursement about 30 days after final paperwork is sent it.

Residents living in many Seattle  “Combined Sewer Overflow” (CSO) basins are eligible for rebates covering most of the cost of installing a rain garden or cistern to control their roof runoff.  Detailed rebate information can be found –>here.

2015 rainwise map




 It can take roughly 4-6hrs min to develop a detailed plan and numbers. We are a small business and are not able to provide free design consultations. Because the rainwise rebate is based on the amount of roof captured, a home with a more straight-forward roof will be easier and quicker to calculate.


1.  PRELIMINARY CONVERSATION:  A project manager will come to your property for a free 20-30 minute preliminary consultation to determine eligible space for cistern and rain garden. Please see maps above or email us to see if you live within the qualifying boundaries for Rainwise projects!

2.  [FOR RAIN GARDENS ONLY] SOIL INFILTRATION TEST: There is a $20 charge to dig a two-foot hole for the test to be done, and $10 per additional hole. This can be done during the preliminary consultation,or, you can opt to do it yourself with our guidance. This information will tell us the viability of the project, as well as the rate at which the City of Seattle will subsidize the project

3. EDIBLE/RAIN GARDEN CONSULTATION.   Thanks for inviting CEL over!  We will take some time  with you to envision your new space and investigate the opportunities to reduce rainwater run off and to install cisterns and/or rain gardens.   We’ll take accurate measurements for design. ($85 per hour minimum 2 hours, this rate also applies to meeting times with SPU).

4. If you request  WE WILL PUT TOGETHER A DESIGN and CREATE A PROJECT ESTIMATE:  This includes a plant list  to meet size and space requirements. Design rate is $85/hour and typical designs + plant lists take 4-12 hours to complete. If you want additional features in your landscape, the design costs will probably increase.

5. CONTRACT AND DEPOSIT: Meet with a CEL Project Manager to sign a work contract and pay a 50% deposit.

6. INSTALLATION: CEL Builds Your Beautiful Rain Garden/ Installs cisterns.

7. MID-POINT MEETING WITH Seattle Public Utilities (SPU): CEL meets with SPU and Homeowner at homeowners house to review the design and implementation plan for your rain garden/cistern.

8. REBATE APPLICATION: You, the homeowner, complete a rebate application form and submit it to the city, using the instructions on the form.

9. REBATE MONEY:  CEL invoices you for the work performed;  SPU sends rebate check for $2-$3/square foot of roof area redirected to a cistern and $3.50 per square foot of roof area redirected.  City generally cuts that check within 30 days.

10.  REJOICE: Host a dinner party to celebrate new (Edible) rain garden!