Edible Landscaping

is the art of incorporating food producing plants, shrubs and trees into urban and suburban landscapes. The landscapes can be simple garden beds, raised boxes, or involve complex designs incorporating dozens of varieties of edibles.

Many common vegetables are annuals, meaning they need to be planted each year (or several times a year depending on the crop).  Other plants are perennials, which grow year after year and produce food.



Why landscape with edibles?

There are many benefits to landscaping with edible plants. Home-grown fruits and vegetables are the freshest and most flavorful.    You control what is used to grow the foods you consume, and can easily avoid pesticides and herbicides.   Next, edible landscaping is a good investment and will save you money on grocery bills.  From 100 square feet of garden space you can grow up to $600 worth of produce in a year!  So while there is an initial cost in set-up, and someone must tend the garden, the financial payback is quick and steady.  While growing your own food, you are increasing the food security of your household and community.  Lastly, edible landscaping allows you to grow unusual varieties uncommon to stores, and encourages you to get outside, and have fun interacting with the natural world and your neighborhood.

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