During the summer drought time, an irrigation system can make a fruitful harvest fun and easy. Our team is skilled in building and maintaining irrigation systems.

There are two basic types of irrigation systems. 

In-Ground systems with PVC pipes, valves, and sprinklers.Tying into your water line requires a back-flow preventer and double check valve to prevent irrigation water from entering your drinking water line. A valve manifold then divides the flow into separate zones, typically controlled by controller ($75 for basic, $300for a wifi controller). There is currently a $100 rebate on the table for upgrading to a specific new model.

Zones are designed to get different plants different amounts of water at various intervals. Lawn requires more frequent watering than other plants; some plants need vary little at all. A good plan that takes into account soil types and plant species, will have zones figured out into it. A typical irrigation layer to a plan runs $85-250 and then installation (all parts and materials) is usually about $1000-1500 per zone, unless it is very easy one to do.

Drip irrigation systems can branch of in-ground systems, but most typically they are attached to the hose bib and the pipes are on the surface or just below the surface.


Low Tech systems exist. One is using water bag or buckets with small holes drilled into them, which will slowly drip out water (NOTE the baby advisory on the bucket!), or using an older, more aesthetic version of this using clay pots, also known as Olla’s, an old tradition that may work for you.


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