CEL has become a regional expert on greenhouse installation. We  build greenhouses of all sizes with wood or metal frames and cover with rigid poly-carbonate or plastic. We can also install water and heating systems, vents, fans, and build tables.

We can build greenhouses from cedar-framed backyard greenhouses, to high tunnel greenhouses, to pre-fab kits, to Gutter Connect expandable commercial greenhouses.  They each require quite different needs and approach.

This winter, we built four 30′ x 95′ x 13.5′ tall high tunnels this winter for Henry’s Plant Farm in Arlington, WA. 

The project used twenty 30′ hoops, forty 2.25″ galvanized pipes, 3,000 board feet of lumber, and tons of hardware! The houses are covered with 4,000 sf of plastic and ready for spring.  Something like this can range from $5-10K+ depending on the foundation work required

We recently finished building earthquake, tornado, and bomb-proof greenhouses for the City of Seattle at the Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands.   These were highly (over) engineered structures built to building code standards for normal buildings.  Apparently, there is no international building code for hoop houses, so the default was a regular structure.  The greenhouses are visible from the road, so take a look if you’re in the area!

We have experience with site work, framing, installing fans, heating systems, light-pollution-reducing boxes, and irrigation systems, and understand the requirements for I-502 greenhouse production, as well as have connection to black out system builders.

We can also connect you with reliable solar power for your greenhouse or residential project. CEL has become an independent solar provider through POWUR. Follow the link will take you to an independent site with information on $0 down solar for your home or greenhouse project.

Contact us today to discuss greenhouse needs and details before breaking ground. We work with licensed electricians and have partners who can do concrete work and blackout systems for I-502 needs.

Check out our Gallery and some photos below: