Garden Coaching

CEL seeks to work ourselves out of jobs through our Garden Coaching Program. We work one-on-one with individuals, and/or whole communities to revitalize garden space and gardeners’ excitement about growing food.

Coaching is personally tailored to fit the needs of the yards and the people who live with them. We work to educate gardeners on a variety of topics ranging from; starting seeds, to maximizing food production, to pruning fruit bushes and trees. We come with knowledge, patience, and all the tools needed to keep you and your food gardens vibrant and bountiful.

Fees are based on sliding scale. A great way to make it affordable is to assemble a group of your neighbors and do a community class



Small group classes

For some, gardening is a new healthy habit. For others, it is an old passion. Either way, it’s nice to have a group of friends with whom to share the process of growing and eating your own food. Whether it is a garden node, a women’s group, a neighborhood sustainability group, or just some old friends, CEL offers basic to elaborate garden classes and workshops designed to meet the needs ofyour group. Please contact us for more information.


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