Summer Fruit Tree Pruning

Now is the time for summer pruning. Though lesser known, a summer pruning can do wonders for your fruit bearing trees. It is useful to both improve this year’s harvest and next year’s crop. More sun and air circulation means sweeter, bigger fruit that is easier to harvest.  It can also decrease disease and ease pest management as the environment around the fruit is no longer damp and moist. Summer pruning is especially good for the prune family (peaches, plums, nectarines etc.) Fruit tree pruning is one of our favorite seasonal activities. Please contact us to schedule your fruit tree maintenance.

Winter Fruit Tree Pruning

This pruning takes place during the dormant stage of annual growth. The leaves are off and it is a good time to remove dead, dying and diseased branches. You can really shape the tree and provide a solid foundation for the next year’s growth. Pruning is a conversation had between the gardener and the tree. Fruit tree pruning is one of our favorite seasonal activities.

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