Urban agriculture has become immensely popular and many people in Seattle are learning the joys of producing their own food. Why not combine your efforts with your neighbors and extend your growing area beyond your own lot? There are many benefits to cooperative growing, here are just a few:


  • Space/Scalability: Imagine being able to grow food throughout your neighborhood instead of just in your own small plot.  Only 1 neighbor really needs Kiwi vines, and some sites are better suited for specific plants/plant communities.
  • Cooperative Buying: Get discounts on gardening supplies by buying in bulk and sharing costs of materials, hauling, and labor.
  • Built in Support Network: Going on vacation and need someone to look after your plants? Like to socialize while gardening and get your children involved? A community effort provides the support you need.
  • More Opportunities and Micro climates: Maybe you don’t get much sun, but your neighbor might. Together you can harness the different resources that each person has.
  • More Flowering Plants: With the entire neighborhood growing there will be more pollinators to help plants thrive and reproduce.



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