Time and materials or fixed price quotes are available
 Time and Materials  Fixed price

Fees The fee arrangement, as agreed, will be based on $/Hour].
○ Consultation/Project Management . $85/hr (min. 2 hr initial site visit+ follow up); no tax
■ Initial Package $250 package is 2 hours on site and 1 hour off site, or 1 hrs on site and 2 hrs off –site.
● Travel time outside of Seattle incurs cost equal to ½ of travel time.
■ Large Property Initial Consultation $500. 6-8 hour package.
○ Design Time $85 no tax.
○ Estimate or Bid Generation…..
■ Less than 20 minutes= Pro-bono.
■ More than 20 minutes $85/hr (billed in .5 hr increments) with Balance deducted from final bill.
○ Fuel Surcharge. Government Rate, typically $0.55-59/mile (fluctuates yearly)
○ Garden Coaching $50/hour, 2 hour minimum; no tax