Thanks to our progressive city, we can now put our food scraps into the yard waste, and have it hauled off to a city compost pile.

Only problem with that?  You’re giving away “Black Gold”!!!  The very scrapes that you throw into the yard waste, would be put to better use in your own garden…if only you knew how to make that happen.
We can help.  And all you have to do is choose which method you want…

Passive Method

– This is the composting pile that most people think of.  The premise is simple, throw all your organic waste into a pile, and nature slowly turns it into fetilizer.  We’ll, setup the system, and teach you how to use it.

Active Method

– Is watching a pile of food scrapes slowly decompose not your cup of tea?  You want your compost and you want it now!  Well, how do you feel about worm poop?  Good.  Then instead of just waiting for things to happen, we’ll setup you up with a worm bin, and worms.  Then sit back, and let the little wigglers do the heavy lifting!

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