gothic coopGothic Ark Coop: Starts at $496.  

4’x8′ footprint

Can be used as a tractor or install permanently in one place

Interior nesting loft with easy egg access

Interior roost

Optional features: Colored stain, wheels, other sizes


Island coopIsland Coop: Starts at $495, accommodates 4 hens

30″ x 46″ x 6′ tall

Made from raw Western Red Cedar, can be stained as well

Interior nesting box, roost and ladder

Centered cutout doorway (rectangular, egg or chicken shaped)


portage bay coopPortage Bay Coop: Starts at $1295, accommodates 8 hens

5′x 10′ Footprint (6′ x 12′ with eaves)

Metal Roof

Cedar siding

Predator and rodent proof 1/2 x 1 ” heavy duty mesh


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