Yes-it is totally legal to have chickens in the city! Click here to see Seattle’s Land Use Code

Cascadia Edible Landscapes can help you acquire chicks or hens, help design and build a coop, point you to great sources of bedding and feed, and share with you some of our maintenance knowledge.Contact us for help on this!

Raising chickens is great for many reasons-

1. They are funny little critters that bring hours of cheap entertainment.

2. They make a great pet project, so to speak, for children and adults alike, as they teach caring (compassion) and responsibility.

3. They provide fresh and safe eggs and/or meat.

4. They help you make friends in your community because they act as the neighborhood greeters, and because you will probably end up giving some eggs away.

Some Drawbacks-

Chickens are non-discriminatory about what they eat and where they poop, so they really need good boundaries/structures set for them. They do take at minimum 10 minutes of care per day, so if you don’t have time for them in your schedule you will need to negotiate with a neighborhood people to take some of the responsibility (in exchange for eggs or money).

What’s Needed to Raise Chickens

You’ll need a coop or outbuilding of some sort, plus a protected run to keep them safe from predators and extreme weather. And a willingness to have fun and explore the realm of this peculiar bird.

We can design a custom coop for your garden ($500-$3500 depending on the complexity) or set you up with a lovely pre-fabricated model. Click HERE to view our prefab options.


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