Sat, Dec 2, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

4607 South Chicago Street, Seattle, WA

Event details

It has come to me, that it might be a good idea to bring homeowners on a tour of a few projects all at once. During our busy season, we (Cascadia Edible Landscapes) are getting 5-10 emails/calls per week, and everyone wants to know how much “it” costs, when there are a multitude of variables. We spend a good amount of time educating prospective home owners with how the Rainwise Rebate program works, what *is* a Rain Garden and/or cistern, the rules and regulations (design specifications) of the program, what is a good site, ok site, and not workable site, etc. Therefore for each neighborhood, we are going to be hosting a workshop, starting with SE Seattle, where we have our World Wide headquarters. The workshop is FREE to attend. We will walk or carpool to a few sites to see the various styles, specifications, tank shapes, etc. I will be there to answer all questions. Attendees of the event, will receive $50 of FREE rain garden plants for any rain garden we build, or a FREE $50 delivery of Bushman cisterns, as we are distributors of the tanks (Tanks larger than 420g round have higher delivery cost fyi)
More information about us in the Rainwise program