Edible Neighborhoods is the concept of encouraging your neighborhood to communally support each other in growing edible gardens.  We offer our gardening services and resources to educate the group, as well as discounts for groups who purchase nursery items in bulk.

There can be numerous benefits to this concept and with the entire neighborhood growing, there will be more pollinators to help plants thrive and reproduce! 

To start this concept, first gather the information of interested neighbors and their availability for an initial group meeting.  Go to our Nursery Store to purchase the Edible Neighborhood Workshop to be created for your neighborhood residents.  We request that someone in your neighborhood hosts this workshop so please allow for enough space for the entire group to sit comfortably and plan for 2 hours of information sharing.  If you choose to include a pot-luck concept, food and drinks always make these gatherings more ‘neighborly.’  If you need assistance with event planning, we will gladly offer suggestions and details needed for a successful start to your neighborhood garden, please contact us at info@eatyouryard.com