The vision: A Greenhouse rolls into your neighborhood, unfolds its door, and fruit trees, bushes, herbs, perennials, vegetable starts, and a food facilitator pops out. S/he consults consults with you and your neighbors so that vegetable gardens, fruit trees, food forests, berry patches, medicinal/herb gardens, and vineyards proliferate in your neighborhood.

We are raising $15,000 to make this vision a reality. Please support our Mobile Greenhouse campaign, and spread the word of what we’re trying to do.

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    This concept has been a long-time dream. With your help we can finally make it into reality.

    Since 2008 Cascadia Edible Landscapes has been producing Seattle-grown annual and perennial edible plants for markets, schools, non-profits and landscaping projects. Our mobile greenhouse will be a storefront on wheels. It will increase efficiency in the to-market distribution of our plant and garden products–allowing us greater ease at neighborhood farmer’s markets, an increase our pop-up neighborhood education and sales and more time consulting, education, and building landscapes.

    *The greenhouse in the picture is just a placeholder. We will build a highly custom set up the ease the loading and unloading of the plants.
    **The gifts for supporting will be Edible Plants for your neighborhood, edible neighborhood designs, and edible neighborhood work parties.