There is a saying ” 5 minutes of planning is worth 15 minutes of doing”  In gardening/landscaping, it is worth dozens of hours.

Have us design and create your next:  Food Forest, stone patio, herb garden, retaining wall, irrigation system, wood/stone raised bed, path, rain garden, chicken coop, urban farm. We strive to make each project unique for the enjoyment of our clients and ourselves.  We have the experience and tools  to make your dream a reality!   Our work is about nourishing individuals and communities.

Consultation Package

2 Hour hour consultation may include some or all of the following:

  • A walk-through of your property to see/hear  where you want to go with it.
  • Sketches of plant communities and rough #s (detailed planting plans can take 10-25 hours).  If you have an existing site plan, it greatly helps with this.
  • Helping Define Scope of work, Estimating projects and organizing logical work flow based on cash flow of action… which can include project planning or a planting  calendar. NOTE: for complex projects this can take more than 1 hour of time , and will require authorization from you to continue the consultative work.
  • Referrals to suppliers or specialists that we use and trust.
  • Sharing our library and tools to help you beyond the consultation.
  • Our undivided attention to answer any and all of your questions and puzzles (If there is a question we can’t answer (Even experts get stumped once in awhile) we’ll research the answer and get back to you.)
  • 1 Hour follow up (unless you take the notes and want a small discount)

RESIDENTIAL Cost is $250 for a two hour consultation & written report of  or QUICK sketches up to 1 hour.  Each additional of time required is $85/hr.  Design work including plant lists and planting plans, usually takes 8-25 hours to put together, depending on the scale and complexity.  Large Acreage, Schools and organizations that require programming as well as design suggestions will probably require more than the 3 hour package

 *$50 can be waived if client takes notes.   Transportation outside of Seattle will incur additional fees at a rate of 1/2 of travel time to cover our expenses.   Discounts apply to Veterans, Un/underemployed, and community organizers. Communities can split the charge and share in benefits of consult at no additional expense.  

Quick Design $500 for 7-8 hours of time.

Hand drawn, mostly to scale, with a simpler planting plan and call out notes.  This works for many small lot people without a lot of structural work.  This includes an initial consultation, and a 1 hour design presentation.

If more than this, we sign a design contract and specify which elements we are going to figure out on your behalf.

Please Fill out the Questionnaire below and Make a Consultation Deposit of $125.00, which will be credited toward the final initial consultation of $200-250.  If you want us to do more design work, that credit will apply toward the final design balance too.
Cancellation Policy.  We require a minimum of 48 hours notice of cancellation in advance of consultation being scheduled. Without 48 hours notice, client will forfeit the deposit.  This is because we spend an inordinate amount of time weaving people into our schedules.  You are busy, we understand that as we are too!  Our Time is precious.

Email us at  with any questions.

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Rain Garden we built in Seattle, featuring some interesting aquaducting and a bunch of edible shrubs and vines

CEL won THREE Awards at the 2012 Flower and Garden Show including

Design Ideas