Pest Management


This global climate chaos is affecting many of us including growing food. Insects that used to get knocked back by winter, are coming in stronger.
Farmers and home gardeners alike have pests, and we thought you might be interested in some tactics to preserve your veggies.

There are many beneficial insects, such as the green lacewing above. So please dont just assume all bugs are bad!

Here is a great link from WSU extension, whom we love.

companion planting (click link) and
Crop rotations will help with soil health, thus providing you with healthier plants more resistant to bugs.

Speaking of soil. I heard last year that there are over 2000 types of soils in the world. We have some nice stuff here in the NW, but it varies quite a bit for sure.
Soil tests from King County Conservation District, which is for nutrients only. 5 Free per household per lifetime
Soil test from U-Mass, which is more comprehensive.
Fruit Tree Guilds-help create better environments for beneficials, and include insectary plants.

Contact us if you would like some cloche fabric. We have about a mile!