Garden Gnome News July 2015

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Garden Gnome News, July 2015   (Volume 7 Issue 7) Dear Cascadian, We hope you are enjoying the summer heat. Working in the field, we definitely are aware of temperature swings, but try not to complain because we also enjoy being dry while working too. Summer Landscape projects:  The dry weather makes Summer a great time for working on the infrastructure on your landscape.  From building beds, trellises, and decks,  to installing irrigation, to hardscaping,  CEL can do any structural work for your...

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CEL T Shirts

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Support the Monsanto Project

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Spring Crops

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VARIETIES FOR SPRING 2015 NOTE- CROPS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.  We will be nailing down final list prior to 2/1. If you have some varieties you would like to share, please let us know. link variety common name yield actions PS: Artichoke, Globe (Classic 3 – 5 year perennial) artichoke PS: Artichoke, Purple (Annual but pretty, 3.5-inch pot) artichoke PS: Broccoli, Calabrese (open pollinated, 4 pack) broccoli PS: Broccoli, Diplomat (Said to be the best in the Northwest, 4...

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Sod Cutting Spree

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Remove your lawn and benefit Food Justice Organizations doing great work. When: May 30th 2015 Who:   Anyone who want to remove their lawn/sod! Neighbors are preferred! Companies/Team Captains! Hard-core laborers! We also hope to find Restaurant that wants to host the after-party!  In order to participate, we ask you to take a few moments to   Please fill out this form or fill it out at the bottom of the page. We also are having a friendly competition between neighborhoods. We will be updating which...

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Garden Gnome News October-December Addition

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Dear Cascadian,    (Connect on Facebook,  Twitter, Pinterest) Thanksgiving.    We want to express our gratitude to anyone who has read this far.  We know how life goes, especially for urbane folk with many commitments.  If you have read this far, it probably means you are growing food already (kudos!) or are considering it (yay!).   I hope you are enjoying the Fall greens, winter squash, potatoes, beans, berries, and fruit from 2014.   If you are not eating exclusively from your stock pile of food, let...

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