Looking to hire 3 positions and would appreciate it if you would please pass this email on to your students and other associated parties.

1. Operations Management 40% focus + project management 60% and light design too 40%
Looking for someone long term that will be excited about stock options and growing the company.. This is a board-member position.

* 30-40 hours per week
* Strong computer/program/cloud skills, highly organized, ability to handle a lot of tasks in efficient and priority-focused manner.
* Sense of humor and impeccable work ethic.
* Morning person (start work 7-8am)
* 30-50 hrs/week. (looking for 30-35 average)
* Able to work independently AND take orders from “El Presidente” without fussing.
* Compensation Commensurate with experience and proportionate to industry,tock options, HSA, Paid time off
* Location: Deluxe South Seattle office trailer (testing your sense of humor)

2. Next, we need 2 Marketers starting in Mid-March through Mid June to help us with Plant Sales and farmers markets. . One position (lead) will be Saturday and Sunday, and the other will be Sunday only. Hours per week range from 16-30.
Marketers also jump up in the line for landscape laborers and/or site leads.

* Market Lead: Must be able to drive 16′ Manual box truck. It is also ideal, but not required for the other person to drive.
* Must have knowledge of plants and/or ability to learn a huge list of edible plants (list and signs provided) really quickly, be interested in both educating customers AND selling plants and jobs.
* Must be able to lift 30 lbs repeatedly.
* Must be able to commit through June
* Must be awake, cheerful, and ready to work early in the AM on the weekend, even if it is rainy!
* Pay is $11/hr + daily and end of season bonuses that should equate to $13-18

3. Looking for landscaper “jack or jill of all trades” who can help implement customized landscape solutions of all kinds with a wide variety of clients in a decent-sized geographic area. Ability to work independently AND take orders from “El Presidente”. This is a board member position for someone who is looking for long-term work.


* Positive attitude, sense of humor, and ability to “Respect the mess and clean it up”
* Ability to Drive large trucks and or trailers
* Willingness to clean up tools and trucks and company shop.
* Plant Knowledge base line required, but you will learn more too.
* Previous experience and skill in At least 3 of the 5 following : wood/carpentry, stone, concrete, soils, plants.
* Ability to work in all weather, even torrential down pours.
* Computer and Cloud proficient- read: if you cannot answer emails or pick up a phone call, please do not apply.
* 25-40 hours per week.
* Compensation $18-25, HSA, with project bonuses and quarterly corporate bonuses

For all positions, Please send cover letter, and 2-3 references to food@eatyouryard.com.

Thank you,