These are some of our favorite people and organizations. Feel free to email us if you want to be linked!

NON-PROFIT PROJECTS Doing good things in the community!

Clean Greens Farm Growing food for the community.  Other programs too.

Community Alliance for Global Justice –Food Justice Project

currently developing an overarching analysis for CAGJ of the global food economy, as well as strategizing about what our outcomes should be for this organizing. Building a coherent analysis is the first step in providing the base for building a campaign, or multiple campaigns, that remain committed to the goal of strengthening local economies everywhere.

Just Garden Project helps people of low-incomes get gardens growing too.

Seattle; Village HarvestCommunity Fruit Harvest Projects:

Fruit Tree Harvet


Seattle Tilth  (Garden Hotline) – Seattle Tilth provides Urban Garden Education; workshops, a children’s garden-program, and now 3 plant sales throughout the year, which (Cascadian Edible Landscapes helps supply)

WSU Master Gardeners.

National Center for Home Food Preservation   is your source for current research-based recommendations for most methods of home food preservation.

Cascade Harvest Coalition–  Resource/advocacy network for Puget Sound/Cascadia Region




Urban Garden Share:   Find Space to Garden in and around Seattle and Find a gardener to tend your plot.

City of Seattle’s Neighborhood Matching Fund Grants for community groups to do neighborhood improvements, which could include EDIBLE LANDSCAPING!


Dig the Dirt–   a (NW run) social gardening site with one of the most user friendly garden databases in the world.



Seattle Youth Garden Works-  farm based youth employment program for at-risk and homeless youth

Garden-Raised Bounty-Olympia, WA 

is a grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to nourishing a strong community by empowering people and growing good food in Thurston & Mason counties in Washington State.

Foodlink Seattle

was founded to link sources of fresh produce with local food banks. Associated with Pike Place Market Foundation, Foodlink has been operating every summer for over 14 years. In our 2007 season, nearly 50,000 pound of food was donated to local food banks providing thousands of Seattle residents with good, nutritious, life-giving food.



Passionate Nutrition –

Mindful Nutrition


Fat of the Land Blog  Adventures of a (mostly) NW based forager, who finds edible bounties everywhere.

 NW Edible Life



Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds 

Uprising Seeds is a local (Bellingham, WA) offers organic heirloom and open pollinated seeds. (360) 201-0468

Seattle Seed Company

Seed Savers Exchange-Long time seed saving organization.  Great heirloom seed available

 FedCo Seeds

Territorial Seed Company

High Mowing Seed Company– Organic, base in Vermont


Hardiness Zone Lookup (CLICK)


Pacific Northwest Garden Exchange 






Drip Works:  Irrigation supplies

 Marenakos Stone Yard largest selection of natural stone of anywhere I know

Rock Mountain Stone Yard (Redmond, WA).  A close second, and really great customer service

Paving Stone Supply- Ballard.  Mostly cast concrete products, some natural stone

Worm Bins

CEL Builds worm bins.  Click here to purchase one!   Or check out this list of other suppliers in King County who might be closer.


Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades by Steve Solomon,

Food Not Lawns by Heather Coburn Flores

How to Grow More Vegetables on Less Land by John Jeavons,

Omnivores Dilemma by Michael Pollan,

You can Farm by Joel Salatin

Maritime Northwest Garden Guide

 Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew

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