Just Garden / “Spring into Bed” – Join the Movement

Just Garden Builds gardens for low income families.   We had an encouraging relaunch party in December  and we’re looking for a spark of energy.  If you are willing to support the project through your time/energy, financial contribution,  and/or your network/connections by hosting a Just Garden Fundraising Dinner or Just Dinner”,  please contact Stephanie.   We have lists of people that can really use help setting up gardens for their families and communities and your support is key.

Just -Bucket- Garden Build- March 3rd 
We will bring food grade buckets (yours gladly accepted), soil, and plants and seeds. Donations will be requested. Suggested $10 each bucket. If you can, pay $20 to help us give away one for free. *Location is TBD*:  This will be in SOUTH Seattle. Zip Codes 98118 or 98144,    Hoping for Collaboratory, Rainier Beach Urban Farm or High School. Contact us if you want to help with logistics, have copious amounts of food grade buckets, or want to host/collaborate on one in North Seattle.

Sod Cutting Spree- Die LawnMarch 31st  Support Just Garden by removing your lawn?!

Teams hustle around a neighborhood with pick axes, shovels, and sod cutters to cut and roll up sod.  Homeowners can make a tax deductible donation to Just Garden teams, suggested  $0.30/square foot + a show up fee..  We only cut an roll up the Sod at the time.  It would take us into the following week to pick up and dump sod (additional fees would apply). Let us know if you want to sign up a team. We will provide a coach/lead,  and find the clients with lawns.  You just need to support the cause with your labor.  Contact Michael if you want to participate in any form.

Save the Date!   April 21st-22nd  Earth Day Garden Revival when we (as Just Garden) help build 10+ gardens as part of Earth Day as well

Backyard bee keeping in Seattle/Cascadia

For all these years, we have been focusing on other aspects of home (1910 Major remodel) and edible landscaping for ourselves and others. We have worked with other people to install beds for other people, but have never done it our own home.

In our prior living arrangement, our landlord had Bob Redmond and Urban Bee Co come out and do the tending, but this year are most likely going to do it ourselves, with the help our our neighbor-mentor.  Because we love to share information and help bees we wanted to share some resources with you.

Besides our neighbor helping out, our guiding bookis: Keeping Bees: All You Need to Know to Tend Hives, Harvest Honey, & More by Ashley English.     Here is a list of other books that seem useful.

We also have Mother Earth News website, which is pretty informative.

Then, we found this cool guide for Bee Plants for our Lowland Pacific NW –>PacificLowlandrx8 bee plants.

Please note: we carry many of these in our nursery. Check out our online store.   If not yet added to our store, then please come find us           at the farmers market or at the nursery!